M-technology. . . What Shape and What Size?

Prediction - handheld m-technology will be the next ubiquitious way of using technology to read and write. I've already bought my 8th ebook. We're using handhelds to records survey data. Just about everyone I know uses text messaging.

All it will take, I think, is a device that "does it", makes the bridge, sticks, becomes the next ball-point pen. After laying aside about 8 handheld devices over the past 10 years, I keep thinking that someone, somewhere is going to develop the device that sticks.

What I really want is something that folds up, can be carried in my pocket, and can plug in (with security) to just about any digital storage place where I can access files online stored on my own server. My Palm does this fairly well but it doesn't "stick" for a daybook.