Top 10 Solutions for Ed Tech Web 2.0

There are a lot of great solutions for engaging students in Web 2.0 but a few of them have just worked better for me than anything else. My top ten choices are: Adobe Connect -; Elluminate -; Google Docs -; Ning -; SchoolFusion -; SlideRocket -; Twitter -; -; Ustream -; and WebEx - The best part of all of these solutions is that they are in constant upgrade, so even I don't stop learning. Google docs has been particularly flexible so beginners have very few problems that cannot be solved. However, I would caution you that some school labs filter some of the Google docs and students did have some trouble seeing others works when they moved labs or changed machines from home to school. That appears to be changing as teaching labs adapt; and more students become street-wise with social networks.
I've found it particularly engaging when we use a few of these networks in small groups so students can compare the experience. Happy webbing!