CLOUDON and DROPBOX: Excellent Choices for My iPAD

One of my tech resistance factors was resisting the move up to iPad 2 or 3. I've still got the first iPad and I bought it the day it came out. With my other gadgets and toys I've just not had the need to move up or on. Back when I first bought the iPad it looked like just another tablet and I'd been using tablets for a long time. I slowly relegated it to the bottom of the most frequently used tech toys.

However, that was before my experience of ubiquitous wifi. When I went to Ireland last year I took the iPad with me for some reason and when I went on tours I suddenly found myself using the iPad to record and write. It worked more conveniently than my netbook as I went on storytelling and history walks. All my "Notes" were sent automatically to iCloud and the little trouble I had with the tablet keyboard was soon overcome when I used a stylus in my right hand. The stylus also made drawing very easy. Now I didn't have to worry about carrying paper pads or storing multiple coloured pens in my purse.

From there the convenience continued when I downloaded and used CloudOn with DropBox. CloudOn is Word for iPad. All my files automatically move to my computers and I no longer have to worry about hitting save or where I will find enough storage to keep up with my generation of text and photos. This combination, I can highly recommend. The conveniences and automaticity that I've become used to in both Mac and PC creation environments comes together for me with CloudOn and DropBox. The apps are free for Android and iPad. I suggest you give them a try. You can also download CloudOn for mobile devices at

If you are interested in more uses of the iPad then download a free app Student Guide to iPads