Why Virtue Connected to the Virtual World is Important

As we come together globally with online relearning and reforming our collective ideas, memes, concepts, and creation of the future, I would like to remind everyone of how important the notion of virtue is in this forming mix of global identity. More on this later ... as I develop this post. In the meantime listen to this story on how a teen has used the power of the internet for a virtuous cause.

Yes, we are using the machine and we are training the machine to develop on its own. As new experiments in robots emerge, we all see a brave new world emerging where we will need to find our individual places in the source of virtue. I've often thought that the source of virtue is our thinking about the mirror of godliness but perhaps we need to go back and re-read some of Isaac Asimov's work and think about our emerging technologically connected world. How are we shaping it? What can we learn from watching how the machine is evolving versus how we are evolving in the midst of the machine evolution. When we look at how robots can now be programmed to have some sort of self awareness, we can think about our own self awareness.