Coding Message is Finally Making "Headlines"

The coding message I've been trying to get out there since my own experience with it in 1979 is finally out there. I have always seen digital literacy as the new literacy (aka New Literacy Studies, NLS, 1996) including the reading and writing of the computer code.

As a literacy researcher, I have used a variety of research techniques to demonstrate this phenomenon but the best way has always been, learn by doing. Before I was a researcher at university, I taught in schools for 23 years. In one of those schools I started a computer club and the elementary students that joined the computer club all learned to code. That was in 1993. Now, exactly 20 years later I see that those students are more literate than others. Why? ... because they know how to read and write. Yes, that is what I meant. How to read and write. Literacy has changed. Today it is more of a digital/physical world.